Château de Chavanes wine estate
Proprietor - wine grower
Fine wines of the Jura

AOC Arbois


Making the decision at the beginning of the 21st century to rebuild the former Boutechoux de Chavanes wine estate that had been decimated in the 19th century by phylloxera virus could have been a gamble.

A gamble, perhaps, had the parcels in this inheritance of nearly 5 hectares not been among the best pieces of land in Montigny and had they not become pastureland or been left barren, thus escaping from the disastrous consequences of intensive cultivation with the use of weed killers, fertilisers and other chemical treatments.
A gamble, or rather a decision that has enabled me to
return to a traditional way of working, with small areas
and low yields (35 hectolitres per hectare), mechanically working the soil to eliminate the need for chemical weed killers.
Every parcel on the estate benefits from a different aspect. “Le Clos”, “La Barby”, “Sauvagny” and “Changoin”
are all individually vinified in line with the most up to date vinification techniques: laboratory-based oenological monitoring, ultramodern cellar equipment, fermentation without the addition of yeast, matured for between eighteen and twenty four months in barrels to give it the opportunity to fully express the qualities of the soil and vintage.

François de Chavanes